Which FlexBook® Is Right for Me?

Deciding if Conventional or Interactive is best for your class? The table below may help!

Conventional FlexBooks 2.0 are the content you've known and loved for years - now infused with teacher Insights, Flexi the AI tutor, Adaptive Practice, and more!

Interactive FlexBooks 2.0 are digital native, all-interactive content designed to teach through activity and applications-based, hands-on learning. Incidentally, they are ideal for CCSS-focused classrooms, and have clear alignment and correlations.


(Scroll down to view the comparison for students)


Teachers Conventional FlexBooks 2.0 Interactive FlexBooks 2.0
Use as primary curriculum checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Multiple learning modalities checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Adaptive Practice enhanced by Insights checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Offline or printable checkmark23.jpeg  
EdReports reviewed   checkmark23.jpeg
Aligned to National Standards   checkmark23.jpeg

Instruction and learning primarily occur through

text and worked-out examples interactivity and formative questions



The Conventional series focuses on text and worked-out examples with optional media support, whereas the Interactive series strives to present all core instruction through interactives and formative interactive questions with in-the-moment feedback.


Students Conventional Flex FlexBooks 2.0 Interactive FlexBooks 2.0
Maximize the power of technology  


Learn with text and examples with worked-out solutions checkmark23.jpeg  
Learn with interactives and interactive questions   checkmark23.jpeg
Learn by exploring on my own schedule checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Get immediate feedback for right and wrong answers checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Know what to study to improve skills quickly checkmark23.jpeg checkmark23.jpeg
Work without Internet access checkmark23.jpeg  

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