What happened to the CK-12 content I embedded in an iFrame?

To enhance the security of the CK-12 platform when sharing CK-12 content, we will no longer support embedding our content in an iFrame. If you were sharing content in this way, you might see an error like these (depending on your browser):








So, what can I do to keep sharing CK-12 with my students?

We love that you share CK-12 resources with your students! To provide the best experience with sharing CK-12 materials, we recommend these methods for assigning and sharing our content:

Link to CK-12 Content Directly

You can add a link in your lesson that goes to resources directly on our site.

Assigning through Google Classroom, Canvas or Schoology
To assign to your favorite Learning Management System, check out these resources:

Embedding PLIX and Simulations
Learn how to embed CK-12 PLIX and Sims in your lessons:


Note -  If you access CK-12 via the app within Clever or ClassLink, or through another LMS using a common cartridge our team shared with you, those pathways will be unaffected by our recent update.


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