Understanding the Student Engagement Score



The student engagement score is calculated per lesson, based on the content and other elements (e.g. videos, Sims, PLIX, Inline Quiz) present in the lesson.

The engagement score takes into account the following data points:

  • Percentage of time spent on the read, compared to the estimated time required for the read.
    (Note, there is currently no way to adjust the estimated time for a read, so the percentage of time spent on the read will be compared to the same expected reading time for all students.)
  • Whether or not the student watched the video (if available.)
  • Whether or not the student interacted with Sims or PLIX (if available.)
  • Whether or not the student attempted inline quizzes (if available.)

Note: Time spent on adaptive practices and quizzes is NOT counted toward the engagement score.


Engagement scores are categorized as follows:

High 80%+
Medium 50-80%
Low Below 50%



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