Choosing a Practice or Quiz for Your FlexBook 2.0 Lessons

You may want to associate a different CK-12 practice with your lesson if you have made customizations to the content, and the original practice is no longer relevant. Alternatively, you can associate quizzes you've created with your lessons.

In either case, the first two steps are the same:

  1. Click the "View Practice" button.


  2. Click the "Choose a Different Practice" button, or the "Switch to Quiz" link.


Choose a Different Practice

Continue with these steps to choose a different practice. If you'd like to switch to a quiz, see the steps in the next section below.

  1. Click the "Change Concept" button. (Note the current concept, so that you can verify that the concept has changed later in the process.)


  2. Enter a search term to find concepts related to the material you'd like to cover. Then select a concept.


  3. Note that the concept has changed, and click the "Save Practice" button.


  4. Click the "X" in the upper corner of the practice panel to close the panel.


Switch to a Quiz

Continue with these steps to switch to a quiz. If, instead, you'd like to change to a different practice, see the steps in the section above. After you click "Switch to Quiz," you have a couple of options:

  1. The quizzes you have created and saved to your library will appear in the panel on the right. To use one of those, just select it, and click the "Add" button at the bottom. If you have more quizzes in your library than will fit in the panel, you can use the "Next" link to page through them.


  2. To create a new quiz, click the "Create a new quiz" button. This will launch our quiz editor in a new tab. Click here to learn more about creating quizzes. (In that article, start at step 5.)


  3. After you create your quiz, return to your lesson, and click the "Refresh" link to see your newly created quiz in your list. You can then select it, and click "Add."


  4. Click the "X" in the upper corner of the panel to close the panel.



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