Using Quizzes as Inline Questions in Your FlexBooks

You can include a quiz as a set of questions embedded in your FlexBook. Note that inline questions will not write to your reports. To add inline questions:

  1. Navigate to the quiz in your CK-12 library, and click the title to open it.
  2. In the left navigation area, click the ellipsis, then click "Embed as Inline Questions."

  3. Highlight the embed code displayed, right-click, and choose "Copy." (Alternatively, you can use CTRL+C on Windows, or CMD+C on a Mac to copy the code.)

  4. Navigate to the FlexBook in your CK-12 library where you'd like to embed these questions, and click "Edit" in the left navigation area. 

  5. Select the lesson into which you'd like to embed the questions, and click the edit icon.

  6. Click the "Insert/Edit Media" button on the editor.

  7. Paste the embed code for the quiz. Then click the "Insert" button.

  8. Save or finalize your draft. Your quiz will now be embedded in this lesson.

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