Convert Your Old FlexBook to the New 2.0 Format

NOTE: It is not possible to download a PDF of 2.0 versions of FlexBooks. If you require a print copy, we recommend you continue to use your existing FlexBooks.

To convert an existing FlexBook to the new 2.0 format, navigate to your CK-12 Library. Click the "Create New" button, then "FlexBook 2.0." Give your book a title.


On the new book, click "Choose" then "Edit."


Click the "Search from CK-12 Library" link.



Enter the title of the FlexBook you want to convert, then "Library" to filter results from your CK-12 Library. When results are returned, click the title of the book you want to convert, then click the "Add to FlexBook Textbook" button.


Click "Save."


You should now see your existing book in the new 2.0 format.


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