What happened to the ability to assign assignments from the class page?


As of July 2024, we have decided to move to a single concept per assignment approach.

Why are we moving to a single concept per assignment approach?

Moving to a single concept per assignment approach provides several benefits:

  1. Learning Analytics
    • Foresights provide predictions for how your class will perform on a concept even before it is assigned.  This allows you to tailor lesson plans to address potential challenges.
    • Insights provide individualized information on student performance on assignments with targeted recommendations for improvement.
    • Metrics show how each student spends time on different parts of the lesson, their skill levels, and their engagement.
  2. Interactive Lessons
    • Lessons include interactive questions, PLIX (Play, Learn, Interact, eXplore), and simulations to enhance engagement.

You can also assign multiple lessons to a class with different start and due dates based on your schedule.  This allows you to plan your pacing and sequencing of lessons in advance.  You can do so by visiting your FlexBook’s Table of Contents page, clicking on "Choose," and selecting "Assign" from the drop-down menu.

This new approach is designed to improve student learning outcomes by providing better insights and allowing you to provide more tailored lesson plans for your students.


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