Installing a CK-12 Launcher Using Chrome Policy Templates in Windows

  1. If not already imported, import the ADM attached to this article (chrome.adm) to a new group policy object. Click here for Google's instructions for importing ADMs. NOTE: Please skip Step 1 if you have already imported the ADM previously for other Chrome apps/extensions. Importing it again may overwrite any previous policies.

  2. Once the ADM is imported, in your Group Policy Editor, click the following:
    • Computer Configuration
    • Administrative Templates
    • Google
    • Google Chrome
    • Extensions

  3. Configure the extension installation whitelist to be "enabled."
  4. Add this Extension ID to the whitelist:


  5. Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions to be "enabled."
  6. Add the following line to the policy setting:

    ilmbnmigihncgeckjgmkehcgkdeohkhl; com/service/update2/crx

  7. Once the policy is set, apply the group policy to a test client device.

  8. On the client device, open Google Chrome and visit chrome://policy to verify the status of the newly added policies. The status should be shown as "OK."

  9. Finally open "apps" on Google Chrome and verify the CK-12 app is listed there. Since the CK-12 Chrome app is a "launcher app", when clicked, it will launch the CK-12 website.


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