Using the FlexBook® Reader on Your Desktop

The Offline Reader for the desktop allows students to download FlexBooks for offline reading on laptops or desktop systems. 

  1. To use the Offline Reader, first locate the book you would like to download on our website at You will need to be connected to the internet to download books.

  2. Once you have located the book, click "Offline Reader" in the left navigation area.


  3. Click the "Open in Reader" button.


  4. The Offline Reader will open. Drag the "FlexBook® Web Reader" bookmark button to your browser's toolbar, so you can access the reader offline later.


  5. Click the "Download Full Book - Offline" button to download the entire book. Or, you can download a chapter at a time, by clicking the individual download buttons next to each chapter.


  6. To access the reader offline, click the bookmark you created in Step 4. Although it may be placed differently on your toolbar, it should look something like this:

    You can click the Offline Reader bookmark, even if you are not connected to the internet, and the browser will open the reader, displaying your offline library. 

  7. From your library, click any book to open it. Note, that offline reading is limited to the text and images of the book. Videos and other embedded interactives cannot be played while offline.

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