Allow Microphone Permission for Chrome Desktop


You must allow your browser to access your microphone and speakers before being able to use Flexi.

Please do the following in Google Chrome to ensure that the permissions are properly enabled:


Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 10.11.56 AM.png

  • Click on the padlock icon next to the URL and then make sure you click the toggle in the microphone settings to the ON position, to enable Flexi to access your microphone.


  • Make sure your headset is plugged in and that you are able to hear other sounds on your computer.

Advanced Microphone Permissions Troubleshooting

In case the above did not fix your issue:

  • Make sure that Google Chrome is accessing the right microphone (i.e. USB vs. built-in mic) on your computer.

To do this:

  • Open your Google Chrome Settings page:


  • Type in “Microphone” on the “Search settings” box at the top of the screen and click Site Settings:


  • Under the "Microphone" section, choose the microphone device you would like to use from the dropdown menu. Google Chrome will now access the microphone you selected by default:


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