Installing CK-12 in Canvas

The CK-12 app for an enterprise instance of Canvas should be installed at the school or district level by your IT staff, or other appropriate administrator. If you are not that person, please send a link to this article to the appropriate person or department.

NOTE:  If you have already received your consumer key and shared secret, you can skip to the Installation section below.

Obtaining a Consumer Key and Shared Secret

Click here to contact CK-12 and request a Consumer Key and Shared Secret

CK-12 Support will provide the following 2 pieces of information over email that are necessary for installation:

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Shared Secret


Once received, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Canvas App Store and choose CK-12.
  • Click the Add App button

  • Input the Consumer Key and Shared Secret provided by CK-12 (see above) and click Add App

  • The installation is now complete.


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