About CK-12 PLIX

PLIXwhich stands for Play, Learn, Interact, and eXploreoffer learners an interactive and immersive experience exploring concepts.

What is a PLIX?

A PLIX is an interactive modality that allows learners to play with the ideas in a concept. This modality is all about learning by doing. 

There are over 1,100 PLIX that can be filtered by subject, keyword, concept, or standard.


By offering learners a chance to adjust different variables and explore the effects, PLIX facilitate a deeper understanding of content.

Who can use PLIX?

PLIX are intended for math and science students, and learners in general. There are many ways to use PLIX in learning. Below are some suggestions to get you started!

Students can use PLIX to:
  • review concepts
  • explore and gain a deeper understanding of concepts
  • interact with a real world example of math or science
Teachers can use PLIX as:
  • a warm-up for introducing a concept
  • a fun assignment
  • a way to expand a conversation

Have an idea for a PLIX?

We'd love to hear your ideas! Click the "Share your idea for a PLIX" link in the upper right corner of the main PLIX page, and fill out the form. Or you can click here to access the form directly.


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