CK-12 Resource Bookmarklet Overview

The CK-12 resource bookmarklet allows the user to add external resources to their CK-12 library.  Here is an overview of this feature:

    1. Go to and sign in.
    2. Click Library in the top navigation dashboard.
    3. The CK-12 bookmarklet is available to add to the internet browser commonly used.
    4. Click and drag the button Add to CK-12 to the browser toolbar.
      • For Google Chrome ensure that the Bookmarks Bar is visible.  To make visible click View and select Always Show Bookmarks Bar.
      • For Safari ensure that the Favorites Bar is visible.  To make visible click View and select Show Favorites Bar.
      • For Firefox ensure that the Bookmarks Bar is visible. To make visible click View -> Toolbars and select Bookmarks Toolbar.
    5. Click on the Add to CK-12 bookmark when visiting any website outside of CK-12. On the right side of your browser, a panel should appear where you can: 
      • Change the Title if desired.
      • Specify a Folder if desired.
      • Specify a Concept if desired.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Go to your Library on the CK-12 site, to view the resource you've just added.  


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