How to Create a Quiz

CK-12 users are able to edit or add questions using the Quiz feature.

Here's how:

NOTE: Instructions below are for first time users of the Quiz feature.

  1. Sign in to CK-12.
  2. Click Library in the top navigation.
  3. Click Create New 
  4. Select Quiz
  5. Click Add Question Set
  6. Search or browse all available CK-12 content and check the checkbox on the left in order to add them to the quiz.
  7. Click on Select.
  8. In order to select the questions, reorder them and/or to add new questions click on the pencil icon,  . For advanced instructions click here.
  9. Adjust the total number of questions presented to students by clicking on the bold number in each concept box.
  10. Click Create Quiz.
  11. A pop-up window will appear stating "Quiz created successfully".  
  12. Click on Close.

The quiz is now created and available in Library.

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