How to Highlight and Take Notes in a FlexBook® Textbook

You can highlight text and make notes in any section of a FlexBook® textbook or read modality.


To highlight:

  1. Sign in to CK-12.
  2. Go to a section of a FlexBook® textbook or a read modality.
  3. Select the text you want to highlight, and choose a color from the tool bar that appears.



To change color:

  1. Click on the highlighted section.
  2. Select a new color from the tool bar that appears.



To delete a highlight:

  1. Select the highlighted text
  2. Click the trash can icon on the toolbar that pops up.




Taking Notes

To make a note:

  1. Select the text you want to annotate, and choose "Add Note" from the tool bar that appears (same tool bar shown above.).
  2. Write in the text field that appears.


  3. Click "Save" to save or "Cancel" to close the popup and discard the note.
  4. Click on the note icon to edit the note or remove the text to delete the note.Screen_Shot_2019-10-25_at_11.14.53_AM.png

  5. To view your notes and highlights later, click the menu grid in the upper right corner, then click "Notes and Highlights."


  6. You'll see all of your notes and highlights in the side panel. All of your highlights and notes are only visible to you. 




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