Discontinuation of CK-12 Café - July 31, 2022


Ask Flexi Your Questions!

Our CK-12 Cafe, was retired on July 31, 2022, was designed to give students and teachers the answers they need. Now, instead of waiting for a community or CK-12 team member to reply to your question, you can get immediate answers from Flexi! Check out this new student tutor and teacher assistant, available right inside our math and science FlexBook® 2.0 offerings.


Students can ask Flexi math and science questions and be given answers, along with additional learning suggestions, from a trusted K-12 education source.


Educators get instant help from our smart assistant with all of their 'how-to' questions. Short answers, overview videos, and/or links appear immediately, so teachers don't waste a second, no matter what time they are working!


Looking to connect with other educators? See our Certified Educator Program alumni and reach out to others near you.

Still have questions or want to share your experiences with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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