General Google Classroom FAQs

Is it possible to add a class from Google classroom?

No, but you can create assignments from CK-12 to use within your existing Google classroom. Class management will still happen on Google classroom.

Can I connect my existing CK-12 account to Google classroom?

Yes, sign into your existing CK-12 account and go to account settings ( to connect your Google account under the “Connected Social Accounts” section.

Can students use the Google classroom app to do assignments?

Yes for most assignments except our PLIX and Simulations which have a minimum resolution requirement that may not be meet by certain mobile devices.

I shared a resource to my Google classroom, but it is not grading?

To enable graded assignments from CK-12, you need to use the “Assign to class” option where available. Shared assignments from the share ‘o’ plane icon will not be graded.

Can my co-teacher in my Google Classroom view student reports?

Our co-teacher functionality does not extend to Google Classroom, so your GC co-teacher will not be able to see reports for CK-12 assignments.

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